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OASE ScaperLine. Create a work of art with the perfect balance of nature, design and technology.


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Read more about fish at home and get tips from experts

In general, the larger the better, because larger aquariums create better living conditions for aquarium inhabitants and plants. This makes it easier to maintain the biological balance in the aquarium.
Fish Stock
The following general guideline applies: provide two litres of water for every one centimetre of fish length.

Be sure to ask your specialist dealer for advice when choosing the size of your aquarium, inhabitants and plants - you can only create a well-functioning habitat with healthy inhabitants that you can enjoy for a long time to come if all factors are perfectly coordinated.
It is important to consider the weight of the aquarium to determine what type of cabinet or stand the aquarium will be placed on.

Some cabinets come as a set with an aquarium; however, if you decide to purchase them separately, consider a cabinet that can withstand the weight of your full aquarium and is proportional to the aquarium you have chosen.
Ideally, you want to place your aquarium where it can be easily observed, making the most of your beautiful aquarium.

Protecting your aquarium from direct or continuous sunlight is important to your water quality and helps prevent algae.

Make sure to place your aquarium near electrical outlets and preferably along a long wall to avoid vibrations caused by closing doors, high foot traffic and movement from air conditioning units to minimise stress for your aquarium inhabitants.

Experience - the inspiring world of OASE

Be inspired by our premium aquariums from the ScaperLine collection and the compact StyleLine aquariums. Uncompromisingly high-quality equipment and exquisite design variants.

Plus perfectly matched accessories ranging from pumps and filters, to aquarium sets, and cleaning products, We have developed stylish design objects. These exotic worlds of plants and water offer you completely new possibilities for every interior, even in the smallest of spaces.

Premium aquariums

The aquariums from the ScaperLine collection are a stylish highlight in every living room. The new OASE ScaperLine aquarium range helps you create a work of art with the perfect balance of nature, design and technology. Details such as the mitre-cut OptiWhite glass, the magnets integrated in the cabinet for the scaping tools and the cable routing system make this aquarium truly impressive. Create the perfect environment for landscapes, plants and animals, and discover the new world of scaping.  

Compact aquariums

Discover OASE StyleLine aquariums: complete sets with filter, heater and LED lighting ready to use straight away. Available in a variety of sizes and two colours. Amazes even in its compact size with lots of storage space and room for technology. A great experience, for professionals and beginners alike. 

Aquarium technology & accessories

Filters, filter media, pumps as well as heaters and feeding tools – perfectly matched to your requirements. Everything to make it easy and convenient to take care of your passion.