The quartz glass adjustable heater maintains an even temperature level in aquariums. Choose the right size of heater, depending on the size of the aquarium.

The adjustable heater is high-quality, easy to install and can be used in continuous operation. The activated indicator light lets you control the heating function with ease. The HeatUp adjustable heater is suitable for use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums. It can also be retrofitted with the BioMaster, BioPlus and FiltoSmart.

Key Features
Technical Data
Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
Power consumption
Net weight
Product Code
HeatUp 50 23x205 50 0.20 08OA050
HeatUp 100 23x245 100 0.22 08OA051
HeatUp 150 23x315 150 0.25 08OA052
HeatUp 200 23 x 315 200 0.29 08OA053
HeatUp 300 23 x 370 300 0.32 08OA054
HeatUp 400 23 x 440 400 0.33 08OA055

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