The Benefits of Owning an Indoor Aquarium: Why You Should Consider Getting One

The Benefits of Owning an Indoor Aquarium: Why You Should Consider Getting One

March 08, 2023

Aquariums have long been admired for their aesthetic value, but their benefits extend far beyond just being a beautiful decoration. These aquatic habitats are a way of bringing the serene beauty of natural blue space indoors, and they offer a host of physical and mental health benefits that are both calming and restorative.

Let's discover the top benefits of owning an indoor aquarium, and where to find the best luxury aquariums in Perth

Reduce that stress

Although most people associate the calming effect of owning a pet with dogs or cats, fish can also have the same result. Watching swimming fish in an aquarium set can be an excellent way to relax and destress after a busy day. Aquariums have been found to have an almost hypnotic effect in reducing stress levels. 

Have you ever wondered why there are so many aquariums in Doctor and Dental offices? Studies have shown that patients who watch an aquarium require less pain medication, which explains why they’re such a popular addition to medical clinics and waiting rooms. 

Lower your blood pressure

Reducing your stress and anxiety levels is one thing, but can a beautiful aquarium set provide serious health benefits? Research published in Plos One reveals that spending time around aquariums can reduce heart rate and blood pressure, particularly in seniors. 

The study examined the impact of interacting with fish in an aquarium on well-being and found that relaxation levels increased with the number of fish species present. This calming effect can be experienced daily by keeping fish at home, offering similar benefits to visiting public aquariums. What's not to love?!

Help calm children with ADHD

Brightly decorated fish tanks can have a calming effect on children with ADHD, providing them with multiple visual points of interest to hold their attention. Additionally, having a fish tank at home may spark a child's interest in learning more about aquatic life and the sea, offering both relaxation and educational opportunities. 

The benefits of incorporating a fish tank or visually appealing luxury aquariums into a child's routine can be a win/win situation for their well-being and education.

Improved well-being for those with Alzheimer's

Seniors with Alzheimer's can benefit from watching fish swim in an aquarium. Brightly coloured fish can help reduce disruptive behaviour, improve mood, and increase food intake in people with this form of dementia. Patients in senior facilities tend to eat better when there is a fish tank in the dining room. 

Incorporating luxury aquariums with vibrant fish can enhance the well-being of seniors with Alzheimer's, making it a helpful and practical addition to their living environment.

Get some quality sleep!

Having an aquarium in your bedroom can enhance the quality of your sleep, thanks to soothing movement, colours, and sound. The calming effect of the aquarium can reduce anxiety and make you feel more relaxed, while the gentle bubbling sounds can soothe and lull you into a peaceful sleep. 

While it may sound silly, counting fish in the tank can be a truly relaxing and calming activity, making it easier to drift off to sleep. In combination with other efforts such as minimising screen time before bed, keeping an aquarium in your bedroom can be a useful and effective way to promote better sleep hygiene.

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